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Greetings to the Santa Fe Trail Amateur Radio Club!

Planning for the Kansas QSO Party is going well this year, and the 2019 Rules are posted.  There are no changes to the actual party operations, but the award package includes plaques as well as sweatshirts and T-shirts this year.  Category winners will have the option of a sweatshirt or plaque since the sweatshirts were so well received last year, and we'll continue to give T-shirts to out-of-state ops who fill their nine-stamp certificates and Kansas 1x1 ops who don't already have one.  We also found the last four stamps which are radio-related and will offer them one a year for the next four years.  You can see them in the Rules.  The stamp series is called "American Inventors" and we'll be offering the 1983 20-cent Edwin Armstrong stamp (who developed wide-band FM).  Those of you who already have all nine of our existing stamps will automatically get one.  If you still need to fill your nine-stamp certificate, you'll get up to three more plus the new stamp.
At the moment, I'm planning on 56 1x1 operators this year which could easily change and often goes up as we get closer to the event.  50 calls have already been assigned by the ARRL, and one additional call was just applied for yesterday for a total of 51.  I'm waiting to hear back from two other ops who helped last year, so we're getting close.  The only 1x1 snag this year so far was W0Q.  One of our ops waited too long to apply and another op from Washington State took the call for a week.  I sent emails to him trying to get it back for our two days, but no response, so I'm not counting on that one for this year.  
It was really fun delivering T-shirts to the Kansas ops and sponsors last year, and I can assure you that wouldn't have happened without your support.  Normally, our budget is about $1800, but last year we spent $2972, mostly on T-shirts (about 200), sweatshirts (about 30), and postage.  Our income was $1985 from sponsors, $876 in extra donations (when some of you heard we were going to be short, or helped cover the cost of your own shirt or your team shirts, and a surprising number of $5, $10 and $20 bills included in certificate requests), and $32 in certificate donations.  That left us just $79 short which I was more than happy to cover.  I knew it was a big challenge but somehow it worked out and again, THANKS!
The good news is we're back to a normal budget year again, so I'm not expecting you to go above and beyond this year!  I'm keeping the "plaque" sponsorships at $35 (actual cost is about $50 including postage which has gone up again).  If we get the "normal" level of sponsorships, we should be fine.  I put quotes around plaque because some of the winners might choose a monogrammed sweatshirt instead which costs a little less.  Certificates and stamps are always an unknown but I take educated guesses.  Also, my "cheap but really good" color printer broke because I got some bad ink on eBay.  My (amazing) new printer is more expensive to operate, but I predict we'll be fine.
Bottom line, it would be really great if you are able to sponsor again this year!  Let me know if you can (or can't) and at what level so I can start putting numbers together once again.  On behalf of all the ops who so much enjoy the KSQP and it's unique set of certificates and awards, thanks in advance!
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73, Bob, w0bh

KSQP Coordinator